Board Culture

Board CultureBringing the Voices of Kids into the BoardroomSchonay Barnett-Jones shares professional and personal experience in advocating for children’s healthBy Aisha SyedaInterviewChildren in the U.S. are experiencing a wide array of serious challenges, from mental health conditions, to poverty…
Leaders from Northwestern Medical Center in Vermont share how their CEO transition plan helped accelerate success and ensure a smooth changeover.
Board Responsibilities Elevate Your Facilitation Skills Guidance for board and committee chairs By Kimberly McNally Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions before or during chairing a board or committee meeting?
Board Culture Get Active in Preventing Board Chair Burnout Start with a well-defined role, delegation and limits on expectations By Jamie Orlikoff First reported among frontline care givers in the emergency department and ICU, pandemic-related burnout spread to impact nearly everyone in t
Transforming Governance Demystifying and Optimizing the Executive Session Executive Sessions can Enhance and Strengthen Board Culture By Laura S.
Ethics Ensuring a More Ethical Workplace 4 Principles for Governing Boards Rulon F. Stacey and Aaron Miller In March 2019, Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 crashed just a few minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa Airport.
The past few years have only made things harder for new CEOs, with the impact of COVID-19 creating a volatile, politicized environment on top of existential organizational challenges. Even with all that, a big surprise for a new CEO is how much time and energy are required to establish and nurture…
In this conversation, AHA’s Sue Ellen Wagner, vice president of Trustee Services, is joined by Carol Lovin, the executive vice president, chief integration officer, and system chief of staff at Atrium Health.
Following key strategies for effective CEO performance appraisals are essential to the health care board’s role.
An effective board chair/CEO relationship is essential to support governance excellence and begins with a clear understanding of individual and shared accountabilities. Dallas-based Methodist Health System defines these accountabilities in a board chair/CEO compact (shown below) that is used as…