Board Composition and Selection

Board Composition and selectionGetting Nurses on Board(s)Why health care organizations should consider adding nurses to their boardsBy Kimberly Cleveland, Pam Rudisill, Anthony Vander Horst and Laurie BensonIn 2021, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine released
Board Composition and Selection How to Navigate Complex, Multitiered Governance Success comes from defining expectations for various stakeholders By Linda Summers, Erica M. Osborne and Karma H.
BOARD COMPOSITION AND SELECTION Sample Governance Authority Matrix Overview The first order of business a subsidiary board should undertake is understanding how its authority has (or will) change within a multitiered governance structure. What are the delegated authorities from the system, and…
Board Composition & Selection Data Reveal Characteristics Shared by Successful CEOs Choosing your next CEO using Objective Data By Kenneth R. Cohen Sixteen percent of hospital CEOs left their roles in 2021 according to a report from the American College of Healthcare Executives.
Baystate Health CEO Mark Keroack discusses how health care boards can play an essential role in diversity strategies.
Adapted from “Recruiting for a Diverse Health Care Board,” by Karma H. Bass (Trustee Insights, Dec. 2020).
Adding diverse members to a hospital’s or health system’s board can change the board’s culture for the better.
An emerging group of future health care leaders are ready to take on the challenge of health care board service.
There are better ways to honor and, as appropriate, continue to involve former trustees, while also adhering to the higher standards demanded of boards today.
Is granting an outgoing trustee ‘emeritus status’ a thing of the past?